We, at A. Cat Eye consultancy, offer a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services. Sole proprietorship, small businesses, mid sized businesses or large conglomerates, all have different accounting and bookkeeping needs. To cater to this varied requirement, we offer tailor-made accounting systems. In the modern jet age there is fierce competition in the trade and industry. Entrepreneurs are vying with one another in the mad race to stay ahead of others . This being the business scenario it is most imperative for the CEOS and other junior staff to keep themselves fully updated with the statistics of the working of a business house and its current affairs required for planning and formulations of policies of the Co.

This can only be possible if the accounts are maintained in an elaborate manner and kept up to date minute to minute We at a Cat Eye Consultancy keep the most competent and efficient staff to meet with this important requirement of our clients and readily furnish every data and information as and when required . This is our specialty time is the essence of business and we are fully seized of this secret of success. Whether it is a full service accounting and book-keeping plan or quarterly updates and financial statement preparation, we provide accurate and timely services that include :-

  • 1. Book-Keeping
  • 2. Daily Online Access And Timely Reporting Via The Internet
  • 3. Payroll Reconciliation
  • 4. Checking Account Reconciliation
  • 5. Accounts Receivable/Payable Reconciliations
  • 6. Data Entry / Comparison of data from hard copy to soft copy and visa versa
  • 7. Capital Planning And Investment Management
  • 8. Preparation Of Management Accounts And Statutory Accounts
  • 9. Separate Currency And Investment Gain/Loss Accounting
  • 10. Partnership Accounting

Auditing Services

We are Auditors of a cross – section of traders and industrialist of all size and nature . We execute audit work of our clients strictly in accordance with audit norms and extend our fallet Co-operation while auditing the accounts of an organization we study their working systems , nature and volume of business and advise suitable charges and make valuable suggestions to promote efficiency , achieve better results and same. Taxes wherever possible unlike our other counterparts we do not believe in raising superfluous quarries and unnecessarily trouble the client to prove our importance . We make it a point to complete the audit work in the least possible time with the least botheration to our patrons. We always endeavors to see that our client are benefited from our services in the true sense.