Service Tax

Service tax is increasingly representing a major tax cost for various service-oriented businesses. In the last few years, the share of contribution of service tax to the national exchequer has increased manifold and the Government is continuously amplifying its scope to include additional services every each year. Cat eye services include advice on applicability of Service Tax and on the procedural compliances including Registration and filing of requisite forms with the Department. Also, we undertake review of agreements to check the applicability and incidence of tax.

Cat eye help you in the following areas

  • Advisory services on the applicability and impact of service tax on business operations, including availability of credits. Assessment.
  • Adjustment of excess service tax paid.
  • Assistance during assessments.
  • Cenvat credit review.
  • Classification of services.
  • Consultative and compliance services.
  • Credit of service tax paid.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Filing of periodical returns and remittances of taxes.
  • Interest and penalty.
  • Litigation services involving strategy, preparation and filing of appeals and representation before the authorities.
  • Notice and visit by departmental officer.
  • Obtaining initial registration.
  • Payment of service tax.
  • Record to be maintained and invoice.
  • Refund of tax.
  • Registration.
  • Representation.
  • Revision and appeal.
  • Service tax audit related assistance.
  • Structuring of business transactions to maximize tax efficiency.